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Are you a skilled translator or interpreter who is looking to further their career as part of a well-established fast-growing translation company with a reputation for providing exceptional services around the world?

Translation and interpretation job opportunities

We have a wide range of opportunities available, a selection of which you’ll find below.

In addition to our London office we have translation offices in Cape TownJohannesburg, Vienna, Maastricht, Cologne, Berlin and many other German cities. We also have freelance opportunities for translators and interpreters wherever you are in the world.

Who we’re looking for

What makes us different from other translation agencies is that we specifically look to work with translators who are not only native speakers, but who are also specialists in their field. We frequently have opportunities for professional translators, liaison interpreters and simultaneous interpreters with backgrounds in:

As for what language skills we’re looking for, we currently work with individuals who are between them fluent in more than 180 languages, and we’re always looking to increase our range.

Our values

Over the past 20 years, we have built Lingua-World around a few central principles:




4Personal service

5Cost-effective quality

If you share a passion for these principles then we want to hear from you. Take a look at our latest translation and interpretation job opportunities below.

Latest Job Opportunities

List of Office

Lingua-World UK

116 – 118 Chancery Lane
London, WC2A 1PP

Unfortunately there are no positions at our London offices currently available.

However, we are always looking for freelance translators and interpreters to join our team. Please do not hesitate to send us an email with a copy of your CV and any other relevant qualifications to and we will be sure to consider you for future freelance projects.


We are also constantly on the lookout for people who take the initiative to make an application. If you don’t see a position advertised for you but you think you’d be an asset to Lingua-World UK, send us your speculative application to and let us know what you can do!

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Translation Service

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    Interpretation Service

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