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A Well-Known Investment Company from the States

After working together on a highly successful event last year, our client, a well-known investment company from the USA, has turned to Lingua-World once again to help organise their next big training conference.

Following the success of the event in August 2015, our US client immediately expressed their interest in further future collaborations with Lingua-World. A few weeks later, we were once again in contact, planning the first stages of their next conference due to take place at the end of March.

This time it was going to be even more exciting. Not only was the event going to be bigger and better with more languages than ever before, it was also to be held in the best capital: London.

This was especially big news for Lingua-World UK, as it meant that the Frankfurt office would work in collaboration with the London office for the very first time.

After receiving sparkling feedback about the German interpreting team, Lingua-World UK set out to find the best Italian and Spanish interpreters for the job. With more than 18 years’ experience in providing highly qualified, native-speaking interpreters for clients across all sectors, we were easily able to rise to the challenge. To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, Lingua-World UK and Lingua-World Germany worked together with the client to arrange an extra application round. For this, each interpreter was asked to submit a short interpretation video in addition to normal application procedure. These were then sent to the client so that they could select the interpreters most suited to their needs.

After much deliberation, the final teams were chosen and conference calls were organised for a final briefing before the big day. Finally all the languages teams were ready and raring to go!

Due to its sheer size, this project was at times challenging; with tight deadlines and different native languages and time zones to deal with, however the event went without a hitch and our investment company were once again delighted with the service we provided.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, especially with my colleagues from Frankfurt, and I am very proud of what the Lingua-World teams have achieved together.

We would like to thank all our interpreters for doing an amazing job and look forward to working with our US investment company again in future!

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