We live in a world where information is available at the fingertips of anyone with an internet connection. But the barrier to this global conversation is one that goes back thousands of years – different languages. At Lingua-World we aim to break down this barrier, whether online or in print.

Fast, accurate translation services

When translating a document, a single word can make all the difference. That’s why we aim to provide translations that are 100% accurate every time. And who better to ensure this is the case than a native speaker of the language in question? We use only native speakers, drawn from our pool of 10,000 translators globally.

We also know though that speaking the language isn’t always the same as understanding the words. So when you enlist the translation services of Lingua-World, you’ll also get a translator who is experienced in your specific industry. We are able to offer specialist native-speaking translators in all of the following fields:

1Business translations



4Company Presentations

5IT translation services


7Gaming Translations



10New Energy

11New Media


13Social Media







We can offer certified translations from and to english whenever evidence of accuracy is required, such as in court or for official government documents

Cost-effective document translation

We use the latest software to provide you with the best possible price for your translations. By using this software we are able to eliminate repetitions of certain phrases from the translation, thereby lowering the cost and speeding up the process considerably.

At Lingua-World you’ll get professional translation services that are tailored to you, delivered by sector-specific industry speakers. (More about translator languages) The types of documents we can translate include:

1Business documents

2Technical documents

3Legal documents

4Medical forms, reports and literature

5Marketing content


Call Lingua-World today to discuss your translation project, or use our cost calculator to get an estimated price.

Translation Services

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Lingua-World Translation Services

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Our Clients

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Our Service

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Translation Service

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Contact Lingua-World now for a precise and customised quote on all translation work.

Lingua-World Translation Services
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Interpretation Service

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Lingua-World Translation Services

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