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Not all types of translation are created equal, and sometimes it requires someone with specialist knowledge and experience to ensure that documents are translated accurately. At Lingua-World we can provide you with native-speaking translators and interpreters who are experienced and qualified in your specific sector.

By working with more than 10,000 translators across the globe, the backgrounds of these translators are going to vary quite a bit. Our translators come with varying skills, knowledge, experience and backgrounds. This is great news for you. No matter what translation needs you may have, you can be sure that Lingua-World has the exact combination of language and expertise you require. That’s the reason Lingua-World is the first choice of companies and individuals around the world for their specialist translation and interpretation needs.

Specialist translations in all languages

We have more than 20 years of experience in providing translations for all the major industries including:









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Our specialist translators have in-depth knowledge of their sector, and have in many cases worked within it for decades before turning their hand to translation. Because they have an acute awareness of the terminologies and concepts that are used in your industry, they can ensure that your translations read exactly as intended in the new language.

As native speakers meanwhile, they are able to pick up on cultural intricacies and idioms that might otherwise go unnoticed, and compensate for them accordingly. We have more than 10,000 translators around the globe who are between them fluent in 180 languages, including German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Our document translation services include

1Specialist business and financial translations

2Translation of medical documents

3Specialist legal translations

4International marketing for all sectors

5Specialist website translations

6Specific dialect translations

Specific dialect translations

Globalisation is becoming an ever growing trend in business. Advancements in communication and a reduction of trade barriers means that companies are not only conducting business in their home country, but on a global scale. By bringing your product to different markets, you are competing directly against firms in a domestic market. This means you are competing against firms who have knowledge of the market and who are trusted by customers. Lingua-World works together with 10,000 translators, who together hold fluency in over 180 languages with a range of backgrounds and dialects.

In order to break down these barriers, a company can adhere itself to a market by communicating through regional dialects. Languages within a country may be broken up into different regional dialects. The Italian, or Neapolitan, spoken in Napoli differs greatly from the Italian spoken in the North of the country, which is influenced heavily by its French and Austrian neighbours.

In Cologne, the city where Lingua-World was first founded, Kölsch is not just a beer which the locals enjoy, but also a dialect of the region. Translating content into Kölsch can reduce barriers to entry as you adapt to the market. Here at Lingua-World, we can provide a translator who can translate whatever materials you need into any required language or dialect. By using Lingua-World to help with your international marketing activities, our translation and field experts can help to level the playing field against domestic competition and give you an advantage over other international competitors.

Specialist interpretation services

We can also provide specialist interpreters for meetings and events of all sorts. Because they themselves understand the topics discussed, they can convey all the technical details to everyone concerned with ease.

As the captain announces that the descent into Beijing has begun and passengers must fasten their seatbelts you take a deep breath. It has nothing to do with a fear of flying, but rather because of what awaits once you disembark the aircraft. The reason you are in China is to conduct some business. If you are able to close this deal, it could be huge for your company. You have been working alongside the Chinese company for a couple of months now. The language barrier was an issue in the beginning, but by using Lingua-World’s translation services, you have been able to make it work.

But now, as you are going to meet with the company face-to-face, you fear that the deal might not be able to go through. As you are talking on the phone to one of Lingua-World’s helpful and friendly staff, you mention how nervous you are about the meeting. She explains that Lingua-World don’t just offer top quality translation services, but also world-class interpretation services. You then proceed to acquire the services of one of these highly trained individuals for your meeting.

Arriving at the venue in Beijing, you are greeted by the interpreter provided by Lingua-World. The meeting goes smoothly and your Chinese business partners are impressed with your idea to include an interpreter as it really helped both sides to communicate effectively, particularly during the negotiation phase.

You were fortunate to be informed about our interpretation services by our friendly staff. Make sure you inform yourself about all other services we provide.

Call Lingua-World today to find out more about our specialist document translation and interpreting services.

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