Private Clients

Translation of Personal Documents

Lingua-World can translate all of your personal documents.
The translation will always be done by a certified translator. We apply the same processes and techniques to our personal translation clients as we do to our business translations clients. We also ensure that your personal data is secure and confidential.

Documents, Testimonials

1Property deeds

2Application forms

3Custody orders

4Wills and testaments


6Language course certificates

7Examination certificates

8Cvs and cover letters

9Registration forms

10Prescriptions and doctors notes

11Residence permits

12Travel papers and Visas

13Criminal Records

14Police clearance certificates

15Inheritence certificates

16Real estate documents


18Birth Certificate

19Death Records

20Marriage Certificates

21Divorce Certificates

22Notary Deeds


24School Reports


26University Degrees


28Job Applications

29Medical Certificates

30Residence Status

31Citizenship Papers

No job too big or small

Regardless of whether you want to translate 100 or 100,000 words, Lingua-World will ensure that the same attention to detail goes into the translation process. We strive for perfection on every project, no matter how big or small. With 19 years of experience behind us, we are able to promise this. We work with 10,000 translators who between them speak over 180 languages fluently between them with various areas of expertise. As a result, we are able to provide a translator tailored to each individuals requirements.

You have just finished your bachelor degree in the UK and are looking for employment. You are looking to expand your horizons and look for Employment abroad. You see a job in Munich that you would be perfect for but the application form is in German. You know you are qualified for this job but are concerned that German candidates may have an upper-hand. By sending your CV and cover letter to Lingua-World, you can be assured that the documents will be translated to the highest quality. Unsurprisingly, a couple of weeks after your application, you’re invited for an interview and you ace it. You are part of a large group of clients around the world who have seen the power and advantage of Lingua-World has for individuals and companies worldwide.

Moving to the UK and need your birth certificate translated?
Moving abroad and need your personal documents in the language of your new home country? Looking for a new job and need a CV or reference translated?
Applying for work abroad and need help with application forms or residence permits?

Whether going on holiday or coming back, moving to the UK or abroad, we can help make things a little easier by breaking down that language barrier. (Check out our interpreting services too for help communicating in other languages)

We have the team and expertise to get your documents/ papers translated quickly and accurately.

Get in touch with Lingua-World today with any translation needs you have. If you require further information, be sure to check out our service, sector and language pages.

Personal Translation Services

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Miriam Sommer


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