Whether in a business meeting, an international conference or a simple conversation, it’s important that everyone involved understands what’s being said. With Lingua-World’s simultaneous interpreting and liaison interpreting services you can be sure that everyone’s on the same page.

Lingua-World – Trusted global interpreters

We have more than 20 years of experience in providing interpreters for clients across all sectors. We use only native-speaking interpreters, and between them our global team is fluent in 180 languages.

Since we have such a large pool of interpreters to draw from, we are also able to provide you with professionals who are experts in your specific industry. When it comes to reading between the lines of what’s being said, this expertise can make all the diffe­rence. We can also provide interpreters who are legally certified, have background or police checks, or any other requirements that you may have.

Simultaneous Interpreting

If you have a large event where it is important that everyone in attendance has access to translations in their own language without delay, we can provide simultaneous interpretation services.

We will identify the interpreters from our roster who are best suited to your event. They will then provide translations of what is being said as it is said, which can be transmitted directly to the headphones of any delegates that require it.

Interpreting Equipment

This type of interpreting is best for large audiences, as one interpreter can work with hundreds of listeners with the aid of technology. Specialized interpreting booths, headsets and infrared transmission systems mean that your message can reach hundreds of people at the same time. Lingua-World is happy to provide any interpreting equipment you need – just ask!

We have thousands of interpreters around the world who can attend your event or meeting, even at short notice. Call us today to discuss your needs.

Liaison Interpreting

For smaller meetings where several individuals of different nationalities are present, liaison interpreting is an ideal way to communicate effectively. Our interpreters are all native speakers who can draw on their own experience of your field to ensure that communication flows both ways smoothly. In addition to translating the actual words, they can provide deeper insight into what is being said.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is when an interpreter repeats what the speaker has said, after they say it – that is to say, consecutively. This allows the interpreter to interpret both sides of the same conversation, making it more suitable for two-way communication. It is also best for smaller groups of people, allowing both the interpreter and the clients to ask for more clarification and detail.

Whispered Interpreting

Whispered interpreting falls somewhere in the middle of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter sits next to the person who needs language assistance during a larger conversation and simultaneously translates what others are saying, whispering the translation in the client’s ear. The interpreter will then relay any of the client’s speech to the other consecutively. This is best used if only one person requires interpreting in a group conversation. This allows the conversation to flow more naturally, whilst still making sure everyone stays in the loop.

Legal Interpreting

All of our interpreters are highly dedicated, experienced and have interpreting qualifications and background checks to suit your needs, be it a prison visit, court hearing or preparatory meeting. Their professionalism means that you can rely on them to provide a high-quality service, regardless of the situation. Our interpreters can assist with court or police matters and help take witness statements.

Each customer carefully has their needs and requirements assessed by a Lingua-World staff member who then finds an interpreter who is a perfect fit for them. Location, dialect, budget and experience are just some of the key considerations we look at when matching an interpreter to a case and client.

Legal Aid

Legal aid provides assistance to people who might not otherwise be able to afford legal representation. The system helps work towards equality for everyone when it comes to legal matters and to ensure a fair trial.

Lingua-World is proud to support the legal aid system and can provide interpreters all across the UK with a wide variety of languages to choose from, all in line with legal aid funding rates. Lingua-World is familiar with the legal aid system and application process, helping to guarantee you the support you need.

Sign Language

In the UK, British Sign Language (BSL) is the most common form of communication between members of the Deaf community. BSL interpreters provide an essential service through facilitating communication between Deaf and hearing people. According to official statistics in 2016, over 150,000 people use BSL in the UK.

All of our BSL interpreters are fully certified and registered on the National Registers of Communication Professionals with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD). Interpreters can be found working in many different settings, ranging from medical appointments to court cases to business conferences. Using an interpreter ensures that both sides can communicate easily and coherently.

Deaf people in the UK have a legal right to request an interpreter for any healthcare requirement. This can include medical settings such as GP visits, hospitals and dental clinics. The healthcare provider is responsible for the booking and payment of the interpreter.

Simply get in touch by phone or email if you would like to find out more about the benefits of BSL interpreters.

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