Cultural Training

Lingua-World specialises in providing professional translation services to businesses across all sectors. But we’re also aware that language isn’t the only barrier that must be overcome when doing business in other countries, so we also offer inter-cultural training which will help your staff to integrate.

The importance of cultural etiquette

Whether it’s a two-week business trip or a permanent move to another country, it’s important that your staff are aware of the cultural nuances of their destination. In some countries for example it’s a major faux-pas to shake hands using your left hand, while in others a simple ‘thumbs-up’ gesture is considered an insult. By ensuring that your staff have appropriate cultural training beforehand, you can avoid these potential embarrassments.

Cultural training can also help your staff to integrate into their new home much faster. For a manager or CEO who is going to be heading up a team overseas this is particularly important, and will help them to do their job with confidence and gain the trust and respect of their new employees and colleagues.

Cultural training from the global translation company

We are ourselves an international company with translation offices in five countries and translators located across the globe. Therefore we not only understand the potential pitfalls and promises of entering a new country, we also have considerable resources to draw upon, wherever your staff are moving to.

We can help your staff acclimatise to their new surroundings by providing you with native speakers and interpreters who understand your specific industry.

Call us today to find out more about how we can help smooth the transition.

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