Here at Lingua-World we aim to be your ‘one-stop shop’ for translation and interpretation. We offer a wide range of affordable high quality services, ranging from simple document translation to ongoing interpretation for events and meetings.

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We are committed to delivering the very highest standards of translation, and we have 18 years of experience to draw on. All of our translation and interpreting services are delivered by native speakers who are experts in your specific field. We have more than 10,000 translators located around the world, who are between them fluent in approximately 180 languages. So whatever your needs, we can accommodate them.


We can translate all kinds of documents with total accuracy. Whether it’s a single page form or several volumes of technical manuals, our document translation service will ensure that not just the words but the underlying meanings are carried across from the source language. In addition to using only native-speaking experts, we utilize specialist software to help reduce your costs and to deliver the translation faster.


The oral communication of information from one language into another (or several).
Interpretation is used in different situations where the message needs to be put across quickly and directly.

You are looking to expand your business to markets abroad and are on the way to taking an important step: communication with potential business partners. First contact has been established, encouraging emails have been exchanged and things are looking good for a future collaboration. But to really convince them, you are going to have to show more than just an impressive business plan. You must also build up a rapport between you and business partners overseas, creating solid, personable relationships.

Don’t just assume that because many people can speak English, all discussions should be in English. By organizing an interpreter to communicate between both languages, you will demonstrate your commitment and willingness to engage with your new connection on their level.
To do this, there are several options available to you;

Consecutive interpretation
Face to face communication between different languages is necessary in countless scenarios. For example, police, social services, embassies and many other authorities rely on interpreters to act as a liaison between them and other parties. In these situations, interpreters are often deployed at short notice with little or no time to prepare, making flexibility crucial. Equally important is an interpreter’s ability to stay neutral and professional at all times – even when dealing with sensitive, emotional or stressful situations.

Simultaneous interpretation
At conferences or official assemblies, live interpretation often takes place instantaneously, relayed to the listener through headphones. The subjects discussed can be highly technical specialist areas including anything and everything: from heart catheters to underfloor heating, chemical engineering to contract negotiation. For this, interpreters must have extensive knowledge of the topic, from career experience or qualifications, as well as time to prepare the material in detail. As well as being alert and well-prepared, interpreters must also be able to work under (sometimes considerable) pressure.

Specialist translation and interpretation

With our extensive network of translators and interpreters, we are able to provide translations and interpretation services for all day-to-day topics. But general knowledge and an excellent command of the target language isn’t always enough. At some point, it’s going to get technical. From 14th century Italian architecture, to the latest German construction equipment, all the way to American corporate law, we have someone with the expertise you need.

Our specialist translators and interpreters go through a rigorous screening process to make sure they really know their stuff – and on top of this, we also offer sample translations to all of our clients, to make sure that the translator we have in mind really is the perfect fit for your project.

Cultural training

If you have management or other staff moving to another country, we can provide cultural training which will help them to integrate much faster. So your company is looking to acquire new business partners in China or the Middle East? In order to do this, it is crucial to know how to act appropriately for the respective cultures in every situation. Cultural training will teach you how to interact in different scenarios; from small talk, to the working process, concluding contract negotiations and evening and leisure conversations.

It is no secret that preliminary talks in China are essential to any business relationship and can go on for hours before decisions even start to be made. Clear and effective communication is key. Don’t underestimate the importance of business etiquette! Use Lingua-Worlds considerable experience and expert communication skills to train your employees how to build successful business relationships abroad.

International marketing

Whether you’re launching an international ad campaign in multiple languages or just need to translate a brochure or website for a new market, we can help you make sure you’re speaking your customer’s language. We can provide localized PR directly into your target language. So your company is one of many looking to expand and facing the questions: how do I build up my contacts? How should I organize PR? How do I recruit new employees?

Lingua-World can support you through this complex process using a wealth of experience gained over the course of more than 18 years. Preparing for your entrance onto the Russian market? You’ll need more than just a different alphabet; Position your company ready for this new market by optimizing your online image, social media, brochures, business cards, legal documentation and more!

Call us today to discuss your needs, or continue to browse our service pages to learn more.

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