Most people have bought an appliance or device that came with translated instructions which were either unintentionally amusing, nonsensical, or both. It’s no laughing matter however when incorrect technical translations result in damage to equipment or risk to the user. That’s why Lingua-World only uses translators who are suitably academically qualified and well-versed in technological issues.

Lingua-World – Trusted global translators

Whether it’s a technical manual, training materials, an academic paper or safety signage, accurate translations are vitally important. Lingua-World has more than 18 years of experience in delivering precise renderings of technical texts into many different languages.

We’ve worked extensively with businesses from all of the tech-related sectors, including automotive, civil engineering, electronics, nano-tech, plastics technology and aeronautics. Because we have more than 10,000 translators around the world who are fluent in approximately 180 languages, we’re able to provide a perfect match for your project.

Translation and interpretation services for tech firms

We can translate all kinds of technological documents, whether they’re aimed at consumers, skilled personnel, investors or the scientific community. Our services include:

1Translation of technical manuals and user instructions

2Safety guideline translations

3Training materials translation

4Translation of scientific papers, reports and technical specifications

5Liaison and simultaneous interpreting for meetings and conferences

We use specialist software to help keep your costs low by eliminating repetitions from the document to be translated. This also makes the translation process more efficient, so you have everything you need in time for that crucial deadline.

Call us today to discuss your requirements and find out why Lingua-World is trusted by technology firms around the globe.

Our Clients

Clients: Zeiss
Clients: Lufthansa Group
Clients: Tcom
Clients: Thales
Clients: Santander
Clients: Pixelpark
Clients: IBIS
Clients: Hitachi

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Translation Service

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Lingua-World Translation Services

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    Interpretation Service

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    Lingua-World Translation Services