Marketing translation services

In order to reach a larger audience, it is important to conduct marketing activities outside your own country.
Translating your marketing communications into foreign languages can really help your business to expand and grow.

Translation of marketing materials

At lingua world, we offer a variety of translation services to help you with your marketing activities.
We offer:

1Website translation

2Translation of brochures, posters and other marketing materials

3Packaging and label translation


By translating your marketing activities into foreign languages, it can allow you to enter new markets, as well as to cement your place in a market which you are already serving.

By operating across different markets, you will be dealing with people from different cultures and backgrounds. It will soon become apparent, that a standardised message across all markets is going to potentially lead your business into some trouble. If a marketing message has worked well in one market, it is not to say that it will have the same reaction across all markets.

That is why working with Lingua-World can benefit your firms marketing activities. Lingua-World uses only native translators. This means that depending on the market you chose to advertise in, Lingua-World will provide a translator native to your target country who also is an expert in the field and has relevant experience in marketing.


Our specialist translators are able to create a translated version of your marketing materials, which take into consideration the unique cultural, lingual and technical characteristic features of your international target market. The translation of marketing materials is often referred to as transcreation, which deals with not just the translation, but also the adaption of the content to make it suitable for the target market.

Translation into Spanish for the market in Spain for example, may have a completely different meaning than the Spanish used for markets in South-America, meaning that our translators can help your business to avoid causing any offense, confusion or cultural faux-pas.

Adapting the message:

When marketing outside the UK, it is important that the message is not just translated, but rather adapted to suit the target country. Some countries for example have different norms and cultures which could lead to image problems for your company. By providing you with a translator who is both a native and also an expert in the required field, you can be assured that slip-ups will not be made. The role of gender or showing flesh may be different across cultures. Sayings in English may also not translate well into the target language. As the translator will be a native, such misdemeeners are certain to be avoided.

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