In few fields is it as important for translations to be 100% accurate as in law. In a legal document or contract, just one mistranslated word can make a huge difference, so you need to be sure that you can trust the translation company that you’re dealing with. Read on to find out why so many law firms and businesses trust Lingua-World.

Accurate, precise translations of legal documents

In the legal world, words are not just words.
At Lingua-World we understand the power that legal documents have, and that’s why we make sure that all such documents and projects are handled by legal experts who are fluent not just in the languages in question, but in the law practices of both countries.

We have been translating all kinds of legal documents for more than 20 years, and have offices in the UK, Germany, Austria, Holland and South Africa. Our legal translators and court interpreters are located throughout the world, and are between them fluent in dozens of languages.

Legal translations - what we can do for you

Our translation and interpreting services cover the full spectrum of law firm needs. All of our translators are native speakers, so you can be sure that the meaning of your legal communications will be carried across, not just the words. Our legal translation and interpretation services include:

1Legal translation of court decisions, court records and writs

2Specialist translation of legal forms

3Specialist translation interrogation records

4Translation of arrest warrants

5Specialist translation of legal documents

6Legal translation of company documents

7Translations of legal contracts

8Court interpretation

9Specialist translations for Faculty of Law

Fast and cost-effective

In addition to ensuring that your translations are handled by a legal professional who understands the documents in question, we also understand how critical time and costs can be. We operate around the clock, so we can translate your legal documents to tight deadlines. We can also supply court interpreting services at short notice.

Certain phrases are often repeated many times during a legal document, so we use specialist software which can identify these so they don’t need to be translated over and over again. As well as keeping your costs down, this means we can complete the translation quickly and efficiently.

Call us today to discuss your translation and interpretation needs, or use our online cost calculator to get an estimate.

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