IT is a global industry, with hardware and software distributed throughout the world. The internet has made it easier than ever to penetrate new markets and reach a worldwide audience, but one barrier remains – different languages. At Lingua-World we can help you to break down this barrier and take your product international.

UK-based translation services for a global industry

Whether you create computer software, phone apps or IT hardware, it makes little sense to constrain yourself only to the UK market. But in order to successfully market your product globally, you need to provide language-specific versions of it which are not simply poor translations of the original. ‘All your base are belong to us’ may have become a popular meme, but the truth is that disjointed grammar and indecipherable translations can have a significant negative impact on a product’s usability and overall success.

For this reason we ensure that all of our translators are native speakers who know not only that a phrase is literally correct but also if it sounds right in the new language. We also ensure that all of our translators who work on IT projects are themselves experienced in the industry, and because we have more than 10,000 on our roster we can find the perfect match for your specific needs.

IT translation services

We can provide a wide range of IT translation and interpretation services, including:

1Software translation and localisation

2Translation of digital and printed instruction manuals

3Website translation and localisation

4Translation of licence agreements and legal contracts for IT provision

5Translation of software, hardware and programming training materials

6Interpretation for meetings, conferences and events

We handle IT translation projects of all sizes, and have been established for more than 18 years. We also use specialist software which identifies repetitions in the original text, thereby reducing the cost to you and the time taken to deliver a finished translation.

Our Clients

Clients: Zeiss
Clients: Lufthansa Group
Clients: Tcom
Clients: Thales
Clients: Santander
Clients: Pixelpark
Clients: IBIS
Clients: Hitachi

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    Interpretation Service

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