More people in the world speak Spanish as a native language than do English, so any company doing business at an international level is likely to come across the need for professional Spanish translations. Consider Lingua-World your one-stop shop for all Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations.

Expert English <> Spanish translations

Whether you’re doing business in Spain or in Central and South America, reliable Spanish translators are essential for communicating with consumers, investors, business partners and local authorities. At Lingua-World we only use native speakers for our Spanish translations, so you can be sure that what you’re trying to say doesn’t get lost in the process.

We’ve been providing expert translations in Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and many other languages for almost two decades. In that time we’ve honed our offering to provide what we believe is the best languages solution on the market – one which is:

1Tailored to your needs

2Accurate and precise


4Available 24/7

We can provide Spanish translations for UK and international companies in all sectors, including law, business, medicine and technology. Because we have thousands of translators around the world we are able to provide an exact match to your needs, so your translation will be carried out by a native speaker who is a specialist with in-depth knowledge of your sector.

All of our document translation services utilise cutting-edge software to identify repetitions in the text, so your translation will cost less and be ready sooner.

Spanish - the second most spoken language in the world

As the second most spoken language in the world, Spanish can be crucial to the success of a business engaging in trade on an international scale. The language is spoken as a first language across the globe, most notably in Spain as well as large parts of Latin and South America. As well as being the first language of many around the world, it is also widely spoken as a second language around the world. In the United States of America for example, Spanish is the most common language after English. Taking this into consideration, it is not only Spanish speaking countries where Spanish <> English translation is of benefit to a company.

By choosing Lingua-World, you will be dealing with a company which has 19 years of experience in the industry. Lingua-World recruits over 10,000 translators worldwide who are fluent in approximately 180 languages. Knowing this, you can be assured that any translation needs your business has are in good hands with Lingua-World. This means that handling of Spanish translation projects is nacho problem, it’s our expertise.  While we take care of the translation, you are free to relax and enjoy a well-deserved siesta.

Because we have a massive range of translators, we will be able to provide a native translator from the required Spanish speaking region as well as the relevant sector, be it Law, Marketing, Medical, IT, Gaming, or just about any other area you require our translation services for.

We can also provide native-speaking Spanish interpreters for meetings, conferences and other events.
Contact us today to discuss your needs, or continue to browse our website to learn more about our Spanish translation and interpreting services.

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