According to a census in 2011, Polish is the second most spoken language in the United Kingdom. After joining the European Union in 2004, this lead to a wave of emigration of Polish workers to countries across Europe, the UK included. The census in 2011 showed there to be 546,000 Polish nationals living in the United Kingdom, with that number now expected to be much higher since the last census was conducted.

English <> Polish translations

At Lingua-World, we specialise in providing native speaking Polish translators to business across all sectors. Our Interpreters and Translators do not simply translate texts, but rather they can help you ensure that your message is conveyed the way it was originally intended, avoiding any embarrassing translation errors.

Not only will we provide a native Polish translator, but they will also be an expert in the field which you require them for. If you need a Legal document translated, the translator will have a background or expertise in the field of Law, just as if you require a medical report translated the translator will be an industry expert.

Polish document translation services

Lingua-world can provide some of the following services to and from Polish:

According to the European Commission, 82% of Consumers are less likely to complete a purchase on a website which is not offered in the native language of the consumer.  With such a large presence of Polish speakers in the UK, it could only be beneficial for a company to cater to this market and offer services through Polish. This is where Lingua-World comes in.

Services: English Polish translationFor the past 19 years, our customers have trusted Lingua-World with their most important documents. We can also provide specialist international marketing support which will enable you to enter your chosen market with your best foot forward.
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