For centuries, Italian has been a language associated with culture and romance, and today it is an essential requirement for anyone wishing to do business in Italy. Lingua-World can provide you with all the Italian translation and interpreting services you need to succeed.

English <> Italian translations

We believe that no one can translate from one language into another better than someone who speaks it as a native language. That’s why all of our translators are native speakers who can not only translate the words but also ensure that your documents make sense from a cross-cultural perspective.

We’re also well aware that many sectors have their own specialist languages and terminologies, and so we ensure that the translations we provide are carried out by sector-specific experts. We provide Italian translations tailored to most industries, including:

We can translate all kinds of documents as needed, from marketing materials and business reports to technical documents, legal documents and literature. If you’d like to get an approximate idea of document translation costs, use our simple free online cost calculator.

Highly qualified, service-oriented – and fast: Lingua-World

Your company has an important meeting in Milan with an Italian client. You’ve been preparing your presentation for the past week and are feeling confident about closing what could be a lucrative deal for the company. Luckily, your flight arrives in Milan several hours before the all-important meeting. Knowing that you are already prepared for the meeting, this gives you time to explore the sights and sounds of the city. You were looking forward to seeing what the fashion capital of Europe has to offer before you discover that a vital document remains untranslated. Knowing that without having the document translated means that the deal cannot possibly go through, it looks as if the day will be spent trying to translate an important document rather than checking out trends on the Corso Buenos Aires.

That’s where Lingua-World comes to the rescue.
With 19 years’ experience in the industry, companies and individuals have trusted Lingua-World with their important documents. By leaving the task in the capable hands of Lingua-World, you can enjoy all that Milan has to offer knowing that the document is in the hands of the professionals. By the time the meeting comes around, the document has been translated, proof-read and delivered.

Italian interpretation for UK businesses

Lingua-World can also help you do business face to face, and ensure that your business communications are seamless. We can provide Italian interpreters for meetings, conferences and other events as needed.

Call us today to find out more about our Italian translation and interpreting services, and find out why we’re trusted by companies around the world.

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