Lingua-World is perfectly positioned to offer German to English and English to German translations, as Germany is our country of origin. Our translation company was first established in 1997 in Cologne, and since then we have opened further German translation offices in Frankfurt on the Main, Munich, Berlin, Hanover, Nuremberg and other cities.

English < > German translations

Germany is the largest economy in Europe and wields a considerable amount of influence in the global sphere, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that English to German translations are amongst our most popular services.

All of our German translators are native speakers, so as well as translating the literal meanings of your text they can help you to ensure that it still conveys your overall purpose and has the desired tone. Your translator will also have experience within your specific sector, so they can understand the text at all levels, not just at the surface. Because Lingua-World was founded in Germany, we have relevant knowledge about the market and are the best option for companies looking for German <> English translation services.

Professional English < > German translation services

We are able to provide a wide range of document translation services to and from German, including:

Your company has worked tirelessly developing a new game and have released it to outstanding success. The game is a huge hit. However, you notice that even though the game is experiencing outstanding success in the UK and further afield in other English-speaking countries, the game has not been received as well in other foreign speaking areas, Germany included. After the resources used to develop and market the game, this seems a waste. By using Lingua-World, your hard work can reap the rewards which it deserves.

Lingua-World provides translations over a number of sectors, including gaming translations. With an influx of smart-phones to the market in the past number of years, this industry has taken off as a vast majority of consumers now have access to a games console in their pocket. The market is no longer exclusively for ‘gamers’, but rather consumers of all ages and backgrounds. By using Lingua-World, you notice a sudden upturn in sales of your game. This also brings more revenue, as you notice a number of companies in Germany now want to advertise with you.

With 19 years of experience, Lingua-world has amassed over 10,000 translators, who together are fluent in 180 languages. Amongst these, there are translators who specialise in different fields, so whether you need translations for Gaming, Business, Medical, IT, Law, or many more sectors, Lingua-World should be your first choice for all your translation needs.

We can also provide German-speaking liaison interpreters for meetings and simultaneous interpreters for conferences and similar events.

Contact us today via phone or e-mail to discuss your needs or find out more about our German translation and interpretation services. Alternatively get a document translation estimate by using our simple, fast and free online cost calculator.

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