More than 300 million people worldwide speak French as a first or second language, and France remains a major EU partner for British businesses. Lingua-World can help you reach out to consumers, investors and business partners alike by providing French translation services which are accurate and precise.

English <> French translations

French is spoken on almost all of the world’s continents, from its European homeland to large swathes of Africa, North America and parts of Southeast Asia. There are of course many regional variations of the language though, with Canadian French for example having significant differences from the European version.

Lingua-World works with more than 10,000 translators globally, so we can provide you with French translations which are specific to the geographic area you are dealing with. In addition to this, we will ensure that your translations are carried out by a professional with knowledge and experience of your specific sector.

At Lingua-World we specialise in providing native speaking French translators to business across all sectors. They can not only translate the actual words, they can help you ensure that your message is conveyed the way it was originally intended, avoiding any embarrassing cultural faux-pas. We can also assure you that the translations will be ready in no time, and not at a snail’s pace.

French document translation services

We translate all kinds of documents to and from French, including:

All of our French translations utilise special software which enables us to eliminate repetitions from the translation. This means that your translation is more cost-effective and will also take less time to complete.

Lying behind only Germany, France is the second largest economy in Europe. For this reason it is an attractive place to do business for companies in the UK.

You are hoping to launch a new pharmaceutical product in the coming weeks. You have spent considerable resources in research and development and the product could really make a difference to peoples’ lives.

When dealing with Pharmaceutical products, it is important that the instructions, as well as the warnings are translated with great accuracy. At Lingua-World, we have a team of over 10,000 translators, who between them speak over 180 languages fluently. Amongst these translators, there are experts in different fields. When working on pharmaceutical translations, we only provide native translators who have an educational and working background in pharmaceutics, meaning that all translations are made using the highest accuracy. By using Lingua-World’s English <> French translation services, your product is now ready to be launched in a number of countries such as France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and many other countries. Now it’s time to look at what languages you are going to translate next using Lingua-World.

French interpreting services

The regional differences in the French language are often even more profound when it is spoken. We can provide you with native-speaking interpreters wherever you’re doing business, whether you’re at a one-to-one meeting or organising an international conference.

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