In the 21st century, Chinese is an essential language for any UK company looking to do business on a truly global scale. At Lingua-World we can provide you with all the Chinese translation and interpreting services you need, cost-effectively around the clock.

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For many decades, English has been the primary global trade language, largely as a result of the UK’s previous dominance and the subsequent rise of the United States as the world’s major economic power. With China predicted to overtake the US as the largest global economy in 2014 however, this could soon change.
Back in the present, if you’re a UK company doing business in China then the success of your efforts may well depend on the quality of your translations. Brilliant advertising can become a dismal disappointment if it isn’t translated properly and created without full understanding of Chinese culture. Likewise, communication errors with Chinese-based investors or business partners can prove costly.

That’s why at Lingua-World we specialise in providing native speaking Chinese translators to business across all sectors. They can not only translate the actual words, they can help you ensure that your message is conveyed the way it was originally intended, avoiding any embarrassing cultural faux-pas. We can offer:

Services: English Chinese translationHaving successfully made contacts in a new market, you’re on your way to China to finally close that lucrative deal. Going through your notes once again before your board the plane, you realise that an important document has been left untranslated. And it’s of paramount importance to the success of your presentation in just a few hours time.
This is where we come in. For 19 years, our customers have trusted Lingua-World with their most important documents. With the text now in the capable hands of one of our specialist translators, you board the plane. When you arrive in Beijing, the completed translation is already in your inbox, leaving you to successfully conclude your business.

We can provide translators with in-depth knowledge of:

We can also provide specialist international marketing support which will enable you to enter the Chinese market with your best foot forward. Contact us today to discuss your Chinese translation needs, or view our sector-specific pages for more information.

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