Arabic is spoken across the Middle East and parts of North and East Africa, and is the language of the Quran and Islam. For anyone wishing to do business or otherwise operate in these regions, accurate and reliable Arabic translation services are an essential tool. That’s where Lingua-World can help.

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Unlike translations from English to other European languages, Arabic translations require knowledge of a completely different alphabet. For this reason, it can take many years to learn, and UK businesses should be wary of hiring any translator who might have incomplete knowledge of the language.

At Lingua-World we use only native Arabic speakers to carry out our Arabic to English and English to Arabic translations. They not only have the best grasp of the language and all its intricacies, they also understand the cultural differences that might otherwise create a barrier to fluid communication.

Arabic is the official language of 22 countries.
Arabic speaking nations are generally found in North-East Africa and South-West Asia. This means, not only, that there are a great number of Arabic speakers, but also that the language comes in different varieties from country to country. At Lingua-World, we are able to provide a native translator from your target country who will also be an expert in the required field of translation.

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As well as being native speakers, many of our Arabic translators have specialist knowledge and training within specific sectors. This means that they can understand the underlying meanings and technical details of your texts, rather than just the words on the surface. We can provide translators with in-depth knowledge of:

We can translate all kinds of documents, including business documents and financial reports, marketing materials, medical files and legal documents. We also provide a broad range of Arabic interpreting services.

Your business has been able to get in contact with a company in the United Arab Emirates and after months of hard work, the chances of clinching that all important deal is looking positive. Things did not always look as positive as they do now. For months, the company was working tirelessly to set up a meeting with the company to no avail. The language barrier contributed to this and both sides found it difficult to work with one another as a result. Were it not for the help of Lingua-World, the relationship between the two companies would not be as strong as it is today.

Previously, the company in the UAE had shrugged off your attempts to do business with your firm. On the recommendation of a company you regularly do business with, you were shown the advantages working alongside Lingua-World may bring to your company. By using their international marketing services and using their translators to communicate with the company in Dubai, you were able to form a strong relationship which has placed you in the position you are now in today. You have been shown the advantages of working with a translation company with 19 years’ experience can have on your success. By sending translated documents, rather than in English, the business in Dubai was shown that you were serious and this was also seen as a sign of respect.

Lingua-World can help to break down barriers by drawing from a pool of over 10,000 translators, fluent in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian … over 180 languages.

Call us today to discuss your Arabic translation needs, or take a look at our sector-specific pages to find out more about how we can help you.

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