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Introducing Lingua-World – London-based translation services

Seventeen years ago, after setting up translation offices in Cologne in 1997, Lingua-World received its first commission for BBC London: a translation of an interview with a Russian cosmonaut aboard the Mir space station. After receiving such a prestigious assignment from an iconic UK institution, some might ask why we didn’t immediately jump into the UK market feet first. The truth is, we wanted to take our time to perfect our translation and interpretation services.

Now, in 2014, we have returned to where it all started by opening our dedicated London translation agency in the centre of one of the world’s greatest cities. In the seventeen years since taking those first steps, we have opened branches throughout Germany, and in South Africa, Austria and the Netherlands. It is fitting that in our 17th year we are now opening our 17th translation office here in London.

Translation and interpreting services for UK businesses

As well as expanding our field of operations over the years, we have grown our service offering to a point that we are proud of the truly global translation services that we have to offer. You can find out a lot more about these by browsing our website, but here are some basic facts and statistics that should illuminate what we’re all about:

  • Lingua-World have approximately 10,000 translators located around the world
  • All of our translators are native speakers
  • We can provide translations and interpretation services in more than 180 languages
  • We operate around the clock, 24/7
  • Many of our UK translation professionals are experts in specific industries

UK translations by native speakers

We’ve worked with businesses around the globe across all sectors, and we’re looking forward to helping companies in the UK to achieve their global ambitions. Our core service offering includes:

What we aim to provide is precision business translations to and from any language, delivered by native-speaking professionals who are experts in your specific industry. We also use the latest translation software, enabling us to reduce your costs and deliver with greater efficiency, by identifying repetitions within the source text.

Perhaps most importantly, we offer a personal tailored service and discuss your overall aims and how you can achieve them right from the start.

The Lingua-World blog – UK translation news, tips and advice

Here on the Lingua-World blog you’ll find the latest news relating to the translation industry here in the UK and around the world. You’ll also find regular translation advice aimed specifically at UK companies doing business internationally, and tips-based posts which will help you to achieve your aims more effectively.

Don’t forget to browse our website to find out more about the UK translation services that we have to offer, and check back regularly for the latest news and developments.

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