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About Lingua-World

Whether you need a document translating or you require an interpreter, accuracy, precision, speed and cost-effectiveness are of the utmost importance. At Lingua-World you get all this, delivered by native-speaking sector-specific experts.

Lingua-World is one of the very few specialised professional translation and language services available. Established in 1997, Lingua-World is committed to constantly providing clients with linguistically flawless translations. We offer a comprehensive range of services in language translation and in the interpretation industry.

We are a long-established translation agency with a substantial amount of experience working across all sectors. Read on to learn a little about our background, find out what’s important to us at Lingua-World, and discover why we’re the translation agency of choice for many businesses around the world.

Lingua-World Translation Agency: Global translation with a personal touch

With 20 years of experience behind us and 19 branch locations across the world, we’re a veteran translation company with global reach. But we haven’t forgotten what’s important – professional translation services that are delivered at a local level and which are tailored to your needs. Since starting out in 1997, we have recruited more than 10,000 translators fluent in approximately 180 languages. Through our dedicated UK office we can connect you with all the resources you need for your project.


Our Services

We specialise in delivering a full range of translation services to enable you to do business on a global scale, reach your core markets and help you to understand your business partners better.

Lingua-World can provide interpreters in a wide range of languages and for all purposes, translate specialist documents, and provide certified translations suitable for use in court. We’ve worked with high profile clients from all major sectors, including law, technology, medical and new media.
Lingua-World translation agency London, UK – translation, interpretation and localisation specialists. 24/7

Lingua-World Translators & Interpreters

Lingua-World Translators and Interpreters

All translators hired by Lingua-World are native speakers and this guarantees the client that the message is always correctly and flawlessly trans­lated. All our translators have qualifications from specialised academies or colleges or have completed a course in advanced language studies. Many translators also hold the certifications needed to work on government and police service projects.

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Accurate, affordable translation.
We use specialist software to ensure that your translations are not just 100% accurate, they’re also cost-effective. After an initial consultation, we’ll feed your documents into our software to analyse any repetitions. Once these repetitions are taken out, there’s less to translate, so the cost is lower and the job can be completed by a professional translator much faster.

Call us today to discuss your needs, or use our convenient cost calculator to get an estimate for your translation project.

Our Clients

Clients: Zeiss
Clients: Lufthansa Group
Clients: Tcom
Clients: Thales
Clients: Santander
Clients: Pixelpark
Clients: IBIS
Clients: Hitachi

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Translation Service

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    Interpretation Service

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